DRIVE – showing in Back Room Cinema Monday 6th Feb


So the man of the hour is actually the man of 2011 according to Shortlist! And it’s a fine coincidence that Drive is their film of 2011 too.

We didn’t need Shortlist to tell us this as we already knew it. That’s why it’s our LAUNCH NIGHT movie on 6th Feb at 8pm at Back Room Cinema (free entry & free popcorn too!!).

Come down and see Ryan get medieval on some nefarious types, in that ridiculously oh so cool Scorpion jacket. By the way Shortlist the scorpion should be your creature of the year too, if you must insist on deifying anything Gosling.

Can someone make me a Scorpion Jacket please? There must be someone in this uni with the skills to do that. If you can, email entertainment*at*

Cheers dears!


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  1. Gutted I missed this. Seen it 5 times already but would love to see it again in a cinema atmosphere lol.

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