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PROHIBITION – casino and swing night at The Rocket!

Prohibition - casino and swing night

Prohibition – casino and swing night


Casablanca Casino Night – Revisited

Last week Thursday, we had the Casablanca Casino Night at The Rocket and it was a great event.

The whole decoration was great, with the balloons making us feel we had traveled a little bit back in time. The cupcakes were delicious and the cocktails were refreshing and exciting. The jewellery was cute and funky bringing something different to the table. The prizes from the raffle were amazing and luck was on our side, we even won a 10 person paintball session!

We loved the crowd and the jazzy-indie tunes that were played by the band.

Just to share some of the highlights of the night here are some of the pictures:

Casablanca Casino Night, supporting Bernardos

Thursday 26th April @ The Rocket Complex

Casablanca’s Casino Night invites you for an evening filled with glamour, gaming and a gust of good old 1940’s speakeasy splendor adorned with classic cocktails and smooth Jazz sounds. This den of delights is for the well-dressed and well pressed go-lucky characters out for an evening of splendor on behalf of the children’s charity Barnado’s.

Whilst listening to the sounds live music you can kick back relax or join the adrenaline junkies at one of four casino tables. Let your pulses run wild with roulette, try your hand at beating the dealer at our infamous blackjack table, or join the cool and calculated players at one of our poker tables.

If the gaming is proving too exciting, refresh yourselves with our classic cocktail menu and let your taste buds experience the 1940’s forbidden fruits. If your taste buds are left tingling there will be a variety of delicious handmade cupcakes decorated with a twist .

For those who like to shimmer and stand out from the crowd there will be a range of jewellery to browse and purchase from vintage and silverware designers to suit all tastes.

For the successful players and tournament champions we have a host of prizes to suit all, as well as a raffle for those who just can’t get enough of the winning!

So come and join us at the Casablanca Casino Night – raising the odds and the cash for the children of the next generation.